About us

Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area (TIARA)

The main objective of TIARA, a Consortium of European Research Institutions operating significant R&D Infrastructures in the European Particle Accelerator Research Area, is to create a dedicated structure to exchange experties and to facilitate and support the setting-up of joint R&D programmes and education and training in the field of Accelerator Science and Technology in Europe.

To that extent, the Parties may engage in exchanging information to enable the implementation of activities with the goal of developing and strengthening state-of-the-art research, competitiveness and innovation in a sustainable way in the Field of Accelerator Science and Technologies in Europe.

These activities include but are no limited to the following:

  • Provision of scientific and technical guidance and advice for cooperative R&D toward future Accelerator Science and Technology;
  • Promotion and facilitation of cooperation concerning accelerator R&D activities for the benefit of the accelerator developers and the accelerator-user communities, so as to contribute to the development of innovation and state-of-the-art;
  • Provision of support to the scientific communities, including those within industry, for accessing equipment, facilities and accelerator systems at accelerator R&D facilities at a European level;
  • Facilitation of the upgrading of existing accelerator R&D facilities and the development of new accelerator R&D infrastructures by the Parties with a view to the efficient realization of joint R&D projects;
  • Facilitation of applications by the Parties for grants or external funding from the European Commission and other International Organizations;
  • Taking all actions necessary for the achievement of the purpose including, but not limited to, conferences, education, training course seminars workshops, focus groups, study tours, proposal preparation, project reviewing, surveys, publishing and software tools, as well as promotion of innovation through collaboration with industry.