Accelerator R&D Programming

Accelerator R&D covers many domains, from the concepts of acceleration themselves to the study and realization of sub-elements. TIARA aim in supporting R&D toward future Accelerator Science and Technology, promoting cooperation concerning R&D activities for the benefit of the accelerator developersamd the accelerator-user communities.

Collaboration with industry

TIARA aims to provision and support industry, for accessing equipment, facilties and accelerator system at accelerator R&D at a European level. Moreover, innovation through collaboration with industry is a key item to achieve TIARA purposes.

Education & Training Programmes

Education, outreach and training programs are the base for achieving the TIARA purpose. Workshops, conferences, proposal preparation, project reviewing, etc. are the tools necessary to complete the project activities.

Test Infrastructure and Accelerator Research Area (TIARA)

The main objective of TIARA, a Consortium of European Research Institutions operating significant R&D Infrastructures in the European Particle Accelerator Research Area, is to create a dedicated structure to exchange experties and to facilitate and support the setting-up of joint R&D programmes and education and training in the field of Accelerator Science and Technology in Europe.

Besides maximizing the benefits for the owners of the infrastructures and their users, TIARA aims at developing and stregthening state-of-the-art research, competiveness and innovation in a sustainable way in the field of Accelerator Science and Technologies in Europe.

News & Events

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The impact of accelerators on Society

Particle accelerators are being applied throughout society. Originally developed for fundamental research, today they are used for a range of applications, from healthcare to manufacturing silicon chips to reducing pollution.